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Zen 1.6L Water Fountain

Zen 1.6L Water Fountain

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Introducing The Zen 1.6L Water Fountain.

  • Introducing a clever new solution for providing your beloved pets with a continuous supply of fresh and clean water. Say goodbye to constant worries about your furry friends not getting enough hydration, especially during your busy workdays. Ensure the quality of your pet's drinking water easily. We have just the product for you.

Clever design & convenience.  

  • This automatic pet water dispenser boasts a generous 1.6L capacity, making it ideal for cats and dogs. The sensible size ensures that your pets receive a clean regularly cycling supply of water, keeping them happier and healthier. 
  • To further enhance your experience, our The Zen 1.6L Water Fountain features a quiet pump which can be charged from the nearest power outlet. The pump operates quietly, allowing your pets to drink and relax undisturbed. 

Good health for your cats & easy for you.

  • Crafted from food-grade PC material, our pet fountain prioritizes quality and safety. The clever design includes a multi-stage filtering process which ensures the excellent quality of your pets' drinking water. We also stock replacement filter elements for when it is time for the filters to be replaced. Further clarification and instructions for easy assembly are included with the Water Fountain.
  • We also stock the stand-alone smart sensor unit which allows the unit to activate and provide water for your when your pet approaches the fountain, which ensures it need not be running all the time.
  • See also the below options for electrical plugs to suit the outlets in your part of the world. 
  • Invest in the health and happiness of your beloved pets with our Zen 1.6L Water Fountain.  Provide your furry companions with the clean and fresh hydration they deserve. Water Fountain today and make a splash in their lives!

More options for your cats:

  • Also see our other drinkers and provide for drinking options in different parts of your house. Be sure to take advantage of our rolling discounts & provide additional convenience for your favorite feline and canine friends. See the feeders and drinkers product collection for more information. 


Product Design forCats, Dogs

Material: Food-Grade PVC

Item Type: Feeders & Drinkers

Available Colors: Green, Clear



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