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Zen Cat Tree

Zen Cat Tree

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Introducing The Zen Cat Tree, for restless cats and limited space.

Introducing the Zen Cat Tree a purr-fect paradise for your feline friends! Crafted with a keen understanding of your cat's needs, this cat tree boasts double condos, a spacious perch with a raised cushion rim, a cozy cat hammock, and a fully wrapped scratching sisal post—all designed to keep your furball entertained and comfortable where clever and compact design are required. 

Sturdy and Safe: Our top priority is your cat's safety and well-being. The strengthened bottom base ensures the stability of the entire cat tree, providing a secure space for your adventurous feline to play and relax.

Wide and Spacious: Let your cat indulge in the lap of luxury with the extra-large top perch. Complete with a raised cushion rim, it offers maximum comfort while your furry friend lounges and enjoys the view from the window. Watch as they revel in the spaciousness of their own feline haven. If your living space is small, the Zen Cat Tree is ideally suited for you. Please note, 5 color and size combinations are available. See the product images for more information. 

Cozy and Private: The dual condos are covered with ultra-soft plush or felt, creating a cozy retreat for your cat to curl up, snooze, and enjoy some quiet time. The enclosed design gives them a sense of security, providing the perfect hideaway for when they need a break.

Healthy and Fun: Promote healthy scratching habits with the fully wrapped natural sisal post. Your cat will love sharpening their claws while you'll appreciate their dedication to a healthy routine. Keep your furniture safe while your cat has a blast!

Cleverly Designed and Detachable: The unique design of the Zen Cat Tree includes a dangling ball that is not only irresistibly fascinating to your little "tiger" but also durable enough to withstand their play. Plus, we've got you covered with a spare replacement included—ensuring hours of entertainment without worry.

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Product Design forCats

Type: Cat Tree

Material: Timber & Sisal

Item Type: Pet Beds

Ships from: China

Weight: 15-25kg

5 variants and colour combinations are available. See product images.


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