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Zen Auto Drinker for Dog & Cat

Zen Auto Drinker for Dog & Cat

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Introducing the Zen Auto Drinker for Dog & Cat

Are you tired of dealing with wet, messy floors and unsightly pet water stains? Say goodbye to pet-induced chaos and hello to convenience with our innovative Zen Auto Drinker for Dog and Cat, cleverly designed to cater to your furry friends' hydration needs while keeping your space clean and tidy.

Clever and Versatile

The Zen Auto Drinker for Dog & Cat is a compact solution with just the right capacity to suit your pets' needs. With two available sizes of 1.5L. (25mm x 185mm x 78mm) and 1L. (190mm x 181mm x 80mm) capacity, you can choose the size to best suit the requirements of your furry household, and make the most of their space. The non-skid pad on the bottom ensures that the unit stays put while being utilised, preventing accidental spills and messes.

Features that Make a Difference:

  • Say Goodbye to Wet Saliva: Our slow feeders are equipped with plates and water overflow holes, keeping your pets' mouths dry and preventing yellowing.

  • Easy Maintenance: The dual waterproof frame and floating plate design effectively prevent overflow, and the pet water basin is a breeze to disassemble and clean. Ensuring your pet's health has never been this convenient.

  • Slower Water Intake: Thanks to the automatic adjustment floating plate, your pets will drink at a more manageable pace, preventing choking and vomiting.

  • Ample Capacity: Both available sizes offer ample capacity, ensuring your pets have access to fresh water all day long.

  • Versatile Design: Our pet water solutions are perfect for all occasions. They come equipped with an excellent splash-proof design, so even on rough roads, you won't experience overflows. Ideal for home, office, studio, outdoor adventures, and any activity you and your pets embark on.

Elevate your pet's water experience and maintain a clean, happy home with our Zen Auto Drinker for Dog & Cat. Order yours today and discover the difference for yourself. Your pets will thank you, and so will your floors.

More options for your cats:

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