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Zen Cat Donut Tunnel

Zen Cat Donut Tunnel

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Introducing the Zen Cat Donut Tunnel, loved by cat parents everywhere. 

  • Do your favorite felines have a ton of nervous energy to get rid of? Have they been doing zoomies around the house in the middle of the night? Or, are they just looking for a safe and secure place to snooze without being disturbed? We have the perfect gift in mind for your furry companions. 

Relieve feline anxiety and nervous tension.

  • A cat's sleeping hours can sometimes be erratic. Every cat owner will know the amusing antics of the household cat doing laps at night after having slept all day.  The cleverly designed & comfortable Zen Cat Donut Tunnel is an innovative toy for cats of all breeds, helping to regulate your cat's sleep cycle & providing entertainment for them, providing a safe place for your cats to scratch, chase each other and sleep peacefully, all in one smartly designed & cozy high-quality product.  

Provide safety and security for your cats.

  • Sometimes, loud noises, unfamiliar visitors or lack of routine can create a sense of anxiety for cats. They will derive a feeling of security from a sense of enclosure & having a space that is just for them. The zip-up design allows for your cat to sleep safely within it's warm & cozy confines, or just lounge comfortably. 

Hi-quality comfortable & versatile product for all cats.   

  • Available in 2 sizes, the Zen Cat Donut Tunnel is stable and large enough for 2 average sizes cats to play in happily. The larger size is ideal for adult cats, whereas the smaller model is perfect for kittens & smaller cat breeds to chase, scratch & pounce. This product is also available in 3 grey shaded blends to match & compliment your existing home decor. 

Good for cats, good for cat owners.

  • The donut-shaped structure of the Zen Cat Donut Tunnel is made out of high-quality, durable, non-deformable wool-based felt, is environmentally friendly, safe & free of active chemicals. The donut-shaped structure is unzippable & easy to take apart, is machine washable and not subject to pilling. A roller stick or brush can also be used to clean this high-quality cat product.


Product Design for: Cats

Type: Cat Tunnel

Manufacturer's Origin: Zhejiang, Mainland China

Material: Wool

Item Type: Beds

Available Colors: Grey, Grey/Dark Grey Combination, Dark Grey, Brown

Available Sizes: 50x20cm, 52x22cm


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