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Zen Magic Organ Scratching Board

Zen Magic Organ Scratching Board

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Introducing the Zen Magic Organ Scratching Board, entertaining grateful felines everywhere.

  • Claws! Your cats love to exercise them, mark their property, express affection & leave their marks, but then they don't understand why you scold them if it's on your table legs, furniture or the carpet. All that nervous tension and excess energy has to go somewhere. Would you like to give them the gift of entertainment and exercise all-in-one? We have just such a gift for you.  

Relieve nervous tension.

  • During the long days while you are at work, your cats can build up anxiety and agitation if there is a lack of healthy stimulus. As many as 1 in 3 cats can show symptoms of separation anxiety. Providing healthy outlets for your cats' natural scratching, clawing and chasing instincts can help them to be happier, healthier and less stressed - and grateful to see you when you return. 

Provide entertainment & relieve boredom. 

  • The Zen Magic Organ Scratching Board is suitable of cats of all all sizes and breeds, and combines durable and easily assembled reinforced cardboard with a small bell-toy for chasing, which can be wedged into the folds of the organ-shaped structure. This innovative design provides chasing stimulus for your cats, while the folding-organ structure provides a safe place for them to scratch and claw to their hearts' content. 

Innovative & Durable. 

  • The Zen Magic Organ Scratching Board cat toy is made of high quality environmentally friendly corrugated paper-based cardboard, honeycomb-structured and thickened, with tight gaps for long-lasting durability. 
  • A bell ball is included built into the design to stimulate & exercise your cat's chasing & playful instincts.
  • In addition to helping your cat's natural play instincts, the foldable organ-structure is large enough to be used as a bed to sleep on (see product images).  

Good for cats, good for cat owners.

  • The foldable design allows for the Zen Magic Organ Scratching Board to be easily packed away.
  • This cat toy is available in two sizes to allow you to buy to suit your cat perfectly. The smaller size is better suited to kittens and smaller cat breeds. 
  • Easy assembly instructions are included - see also the product images. 


Product Design forCats

Type: Cat Scratching Board w/ball

Material: Corrugated Cardboard

Item Type: Toys

Available Sizes: 24x24x10cm, 36x36x11cm




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