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Zen Cat Sisal Furniture Protector

Zen Cat Sisal Furniture Protector

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The Zen Cat Sisal Furniture Protector, keeping your favorite furniture scratch free. 

  • From the trusted suppliers of our most popular cat scratcher products, comes a further innovative solution to allow for your cats' natural wild scratching instincts. Let's face it - cats love to scratch. At Zen Pets, we've had correspondence from our customers that their furniture requires additional protection from busy claws and anxious prowling. So we are stocking the perfect solution for you. 

Protect your valuable furniture from harm.

  • Versatility is at the core of this product's design. Whether you prefer to roll The Zen Cat Sisal Furniture Protector up vertically or horizontally, our Sisal Mat effortlessly adapts to various placements, protecting couches, chairs, table legs or tables, creating an effective barrier against potential damage.

Healthier, happier & more relaxed felines.

  • As many as 1 in 3 cats can suffer from feline anxiety and stress. This can be caused by boredom, which can sometimes occur with normal separation from owners during the day.  In addition, the rebukes that come with your favorite feline scratching your furniture can also create confusion - after all, they're just being themselves. Cats are hardwired to practice exercising their limbs and muscles like a predator would in the wild. The Zen Cat Sisal Furniture Protector allows for them to continue their normal behaviors while also protecting valuable furniture from costly and unsightly harm. 

Quality, variety and value.

  • Experience the advantages of sisal firsthand – a material known for its exceptional durability and easy storage. The Zen Cat Sisal Furniture Protector can stand the test of time in multiple locations around your home. Available in a range of sizes (see product sizing below), furniture arms and legs of all sizes can be accommodated. Invest in the ideal choice for cat owners seeking a reliable and stylish defense against scratches. Order yours today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a scratch-free home.
  • An automatic 10% discount applies to the 2 larger sizes of this product with our 'Buy More, Save More' rolling discount. Be sure to invest in additional mats to take advantage of additional discounts. See how much you can save in your cart page, and at checkout!


Product Design forCats

Type: Scratcher Mats

Material: Woven sisal

Available Sizes: S (30x40cm), M, (40x60cm), L (50x80cm), XL (60x90)

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