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Zen Pet Smart Automatic Feeder

Zen Pet Smart Automatic Feeder

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Introducing the Zen Pet Smart Automatic Feeder, built for precision & convenience.

  • Are you looking for a way to ensure your pets keep a solid & seamless feeding routine, and don't become anxious in your absence? Do you have a multi-pet household and want to guarantee meal-time is a breeze? We'd like to introduce our innovative Zen Pet Smart Automatic Feeder. Cater to the mealtime needs of your furry companions with ease with this innovative new addition to our product range.   

Smart Design to Keep Your Pets Satisfied.

  • This feeder for dry pet food comes in 3 separate sizes, with a base model, a 3L and 4.5L. Options also include a splitter to separate portions of dry food for 2 pets, and also a choice of manual control or WiFi models which can be easily managed through the Tuya APP. There is a model to best suit your pets' needs and preferences. All model sizes are ideal for cats & small to medium-size dogs. The Zen Pet Smart Automatic Feeder is battery powered, ensuring continuity of food provision for your pets if there is a disruption to electricity supply.
  • Designed for precision and convenience, this feeder boasts customizable feeding schedules and portion sizes, accommodating between 1 to 20 portions per meal, which can be set according to your pets' requirements. Thanks to the precisely measured meal portions this feeder delivers, you can regulate your pets' eating habits with consistency and accuracy, contributing to their overall health and well-being.

Provide Comfort and Reassurance.

  • Stay connected to your pets with our Voice Recording Remind feature. Record a personalized 12-second message that beckons your beloved pets to their meals. Your soothing voice will dispel their solitude, ensuring they never miss a meal when nourishment is ready. 

Engineered to keep your Feeding Area Clean & Tidy. 

  • The built-in IR Induction sets this feeder apart, preventing food jams and overflows. Equipped with an intelligent infrared sensor, the feeder halts the dispensing process when the dry food reaches a size exceeding 1 cm³. This safeguard ensures your pets' dining experience remains consistently smooth and hassle-free.

  • Instructions & further specifications are included & the unit can be manually controlled, or (for WiFi models) managed via the Tuya App, downloadable for Apple & Android devices.

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  • With the Zen Pet Smart Automatic Feeder, invest in the future of pet feeding. Elevate their dining experience with tailored portions, personalized reminders, and advanced infrared technology. Embrace convenience, precision, and the assurance that your pets are well-nourished, even in your absence. Welcome a new era of hassle-free pet care into your home today.

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