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Zen Cat Scratcher Bed

Zen Cat Scratcher Bed

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The Zen Cat Scratcher Bed, Loved by Cats and Cat Parents Worldwide.

  • You love your cats, but are you tired of your playful & restless felines scratching up your furniture or your clothes? Would you rather they take out all that nervous energy somewhere else? Do you find your cat sleeping in unusual or inconvenient places? We have the perfect solution for you. 
  • Our Zen Cat Scratcher Bed continues to be our most popular product and one of the most versatile cat scratcher products on the market. As a cat scratcher bed, with it's multiple adjustable positions, it's sure to be a favorite go-to for your restless, playful & sleepy felines.

Relieve boredom, anxiety & provide exercise.

  • As many as 1 in 3 cats can suffer from feline anxiety and stress. This can be caused by boredom, which can sometimes occur with normal separation from owners during the day.  The cleverly designed & versatile Zen Cat Scratcher Bed is a 2-in-1 cat bed and cat scratcher which can help to alleviate some of that pent-up anxiety by giving your cat a place to scratch, sleep, exercise and make their own, all in the one compact cat furniture product.

Healthier, happier & more relaxed felines.

  • Your cats love to exercise their claws. They are hardwired to practice exercising their limbs and muscles like a predator would in the wild. The adjustable Zen Cat Scratcher Bed can can be reset to 3 different angles for play, scratching and rest purposes, so your cat can mimic and rehearse their natural crouching, pouncing & scratching behaviors. 

Smart cat furniture design with cats & humans in mind.

  • The Zen Cat Scratcher Bed is durable, sturdily constructed & easy to assemble, & comes with a handy tool for adjustments. The unit can be altered and screwed to 3 different angles depending on your cat's preferences - 0deg, 40deg & 70deg - ideal for play, scratching & rest purposes. There are also 2 available scratcher sizes to perfectly suit your cat. The smaller size is better suited to kittens and smaller adult cat breeds. 

Strong, sturdy & built to last.   

  • The Zen Cat Scratcher Bed is made with recyclable & durable non-toxic reinforced cardboard, which can withstand the strongest and most vigorous clawing for a long time. This is framed within a sturdy adjustable timber stand. A small assembly tool is also included. Also see the product images for easy assembly instructions. 
  • Durable as our Zen Cat Scratcher Bed is, the day will come when the cardboard insert will become over-loved by your cats. Zen Cat Scratcher Bed Replacement Boards are also available for when the cardboard has reached the end of it's useful life. See the products page for this item. 

Take advantage of our deals.

  • Be sure to browse our full product range and see what other clever & practical items you would like to add to your shopping cart for your favorite furry companions, including our Zen Cat Scratcher Bed Replacement Boards, as well as our other popular selections (see below). For every additional $80USD you spend, additional percentage discounts will apply as part of our 'Buy More, Save More' promotion. See how much you can save in your cart, and at checkout!


Product Design forCats

Type: Wooden Cat Scratcher/Bed

Material: Wood & Corrugated Cardboard

Item Type: Pet Beds

Available Sizes: Small (43x25x3 cm), Large (51x32.5x3 cm)



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