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Zen Cat Scratch Ramp

Zen Cat Scratch Ramp

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The Zen Cat Scratch Ramp, brand new from the suppliers of our hugely successful Zen Cat Scratch Bed.

  • You love your cats, but are you tired of your playful & restless felines scratching up your furniture or your clothes? Would you rather they take out all that nervous energy somewhere else? Are your cats easily bored, lethargic or tired of all the usual routines? Fresh from the suppliers of our Scratch Bed, we have a brand new gift for your furry friends. 

Relieve boredom and anxiety.

  • As many as 1 in 3 cats can suffer from feline anxiety and stress. This can be caused by boredom, which can sometimes occur with normal separation from owners during the day.  The brand new, innovative & versatile Zen Cat Scratch Ramp has multiple components to stimulate and entertain, consisting of a timber framed curved ramp made out of durable heavy-duty reinforced cardboard, with a large heavy'-duty ball of sisal fiber mounted at the top, ideal for spinning and clawing. This will help your cats stay occupied & content while you are away - and happy when you return.  

Healthier and happier felines.

  • Your cats love to exercise their claws. They are hardwired to practice exercising their limbs and muscles like a predator would in the wild. The adjustable Zen Cat Scratch Ramp can alleviate some of your cats' pent-up nervous tension or boredom through scratching, chasing each other, hiding or snoozing underneath the curved timber arch or having a good claw of the yarn. 

Smart design with cats & humans in mind.

  • The Zen Cat Scratch Ramp is durable, sturdily constructed & easy to assemble. There are also 2 available unit sizes to perfectly suit your cat. The smaller size is better suited to kittens and smaller adult cat breeds. The larger size will be better suited for adult cats or a larger brood of kittens. Let the fun begin!

Strong, sturdy & built to last.   

  • The Zen Cat Scratch Ramp is made with recyclable & durable non-toxic reinforced cardboard, which can withstand the strongest and most vigorous clawing for a long time. This is framed within a sturdy adjustable & easy-to-assemble timber stand. A small assembly tool is also included. 

Available Sizes: Small (36x25x20 cm), Large (47x33x24 cm)


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